We won’t beat around the bush, Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes performance predicates any talk of the British comedian hosting anything that involves lots of celebrities in one room. But given the recent statements from The Office creator, in which he says it would be a “thrill” to host The Oscars 2014, why don’t we just reconsider his credentials.

So he offended loads of people with some jokes, so what? What else do you want from a host? Did Seth Macfarlane’s all-singing, all-dancing performance at last year’s Oscars really inspire a new style of presenting? We don’t think it did. Gervais has proved he’s amongst the funniest there is with The Office, Extras, his work with Karl Pilkington and Derek, and, quite frankly, his dry, deadpan style is translating to America recently, especially with the success of Girls creator Lena Dunham and comedian Louis C.K.

If it were up to Gervais, he’d do it, but he’d want autonomy. "I doubt the job offer would come without some strings attached," Gervais said. "The worst string being handing in my credentials as a comedian in favour of a family entertainer." The fact is, these actors do a pretty good job of keeping us entertained throughout the year, and given what they do as a ‘job’, a gentle rimming from a chubby Brit every now and then isn’t the pinnacle of their worries.

And if it is, then they can shut up. "We have to be able to poke fun at society without favouring any part of it because we are beholden to someone,” adds Gervais."And it's a fine line between feeling like you've sold your soul and feeling like you're ruining someone's party. It would be very tempting though, I must admit." We saw your boobs. Just think about that: we saw your boobs. Gervais for Oscars 2014 – you didn’t hear it hear first.

Ricky GervaisThis guy WILL offend people, and that's funny

Ricky Gervais
Here's Gervais and his long-term girlfriend Jane Fallon.