Ricky Gervais has mocked James Corden over his restaurant ban row.

The 61-year-old ‘Afterlife’ creator poked fun at ‘The Late Late Show’ host, 44, after Balthazar owner Keith McNally revealed online he had barred the actor for being abusive to staff in two incidents – before lifting it after he said James had “profusely apologised”.

Ricky had a dig by sharing a scene from ‘Afterlife’ on Twitter in which its main character Tony mocks the idea of James Corden being a dream dinner guest.

He makes the remark while chatting to his office colleague Kath (played by Diane Morgan) who says she would want James as a guest as he “never stops working” – prompting Tony to roll his eyes and say: “F*** me!”

Ricky added the comment to the clip: “James f****** Corden @afterlife. Worst. Dinner party. Ever.”

The comic also responded to a Twitter user who criticised the message by defending the joke as “sarcasm”.

On Monday (17.10.22) Keith posted two examples online of James’ “extremely nasty” behaviour including one in which he demanded free drinks after he found a hair in his main course.

The restaurateur has a history of booting celebrities from his eateries also branded James a “tiny cretin of a man” and said he was the “most abusive customer ever”.

He later added on Instagram James’ ban had been lifted after an apology, saying: “James Corden just called me and apologised profusely... having f***** up myself more than most people, I strongly believe in second chances. So if James Corden lets me host his ‘Late Late Show’ for 9 months, I’ll immediately rescind his ban from Balthazar.

“No, of course not. But... anyone magnanimous enough to apologise to a deadbeat layabout like me (and my staff) doesn’t deserve to be banned from anywhere.”