David Brent is heading on the road with his always-reliable band Foregone Conclusion for two intimate shows in London next month. Brent and Foregone Conclusion will bring 'A Work In Progress' to London's Bloomsbury Theatre for two nights, on 14 and 23 October, with tickets available for both gigs now.

David BrentBrent invites you to play guitar with him.

A spokesman said: "The audience will get to enjoy songs, performed live for the first time, from Brent’s back catalogue including ‘Free Love Freeway', ‘Spaceman Came Down’, ‘Slough’, ‘Life on The Road’ and ‘Ain’t No Trouble’."

Ricky Gervais' comic creation, who first found fame on the hit BBC comedy The Office, will perform in front of a modestly sized crowd, and may be a predecessor to some larger, stadium-sized shows. Recently, Gervais revealed that he has been courted by promoters at Wembley Stadium asking whether he would be interested in bringing his comic creation to a much larger stage, an idea that Gervais described as "hilarious."

As "hilarious" as it might seem, he never said no, so there's always chance that he may one day take Brent and the Foregone Conclusion out on a bigger stage and maybe even hit the road for a full tour. Who knows? 

There has been renewed interest in Gervais' The Office character since he began his online series 'Learn to Play Guitar with David Brent' on his YouTube page. As well as 'teaching' how to play the guitar, Brent also debuted a number of original songs, including 'Slough' and 'Life on the Road.' There have also been rumblings that a David Brent film could be in the works too, but information is still pending on this possible development.

Tickets are available here, but be quick, they'll soon go.

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