Having achieved moderate success with the comeback of David Brent, Ricky Gervais has decided to push the envelope even further by putting his seminal creation on the road for live shows.

We say moderate because, in comparison to the remarkable achievement that The Office was, contemporary Brent is nothing above average.

Ricky GervaisIs Gervais a bit of a muppet for extending Brent's lifespan?

The live shows have been described as "a work in progress". The gigs are due to take place at London's Bloomsbury theatre on 14 and 23 October and - according to a press release - the shows will feature tunes from Brent's formidable song book. We're talking: 'Free Love Freeway,' 'Spaceman Came Down,' 'Slough,' 'Life on the Road' and 'Ain't No Trouble.'

It seems that when Brent hits the road, there’s no stopping him.

No doubt Gervais will sell out the two shows mentioned, and no doubt a fair few people will enjoy it. But there’s something off key about the idea of Brent on stage performing the songs we all love to quote from the BBC 2 series.

David BrentBrent invites you to play guitar with him.

Back in August, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Gervais is also planning a Brent movie, moving forward from the 'Learn Guitar with David Brent' YouTube channel, which was an offshoot of his Red Nose comeback alongside Doc Brown.

The Office was praised for its class: two seasons and a two-part Christmas special.

Learn On The Road, with David Brent, if you want

It was a succinct reminder that television series and televisual characters don’t have to run for years and years to make an impact; what Gervais achieved in Brent – and moreover with Extras, which also went for two seasons + a Christmas Special – was something special, but he risks ruining that legacy with a string of highly-paid spin-offs.