Ricky Gervais cries real tears when he has to shoot emotional scenes.

The 'After Life' star insisted it's impossible to ''fake a tear'' - but he can only pour out his emotions once so the moments have to be shot in one take.

He said: ''If it's real enough and sad enough, I really do cry. Of course I do.

''I can only cry once though. So all the crying scenes are just one take, you can't do them twice.

''You can't fake a tear. They have to feel real.

''I think crying is a positive thing, it makes you feel better. Literally, even acting it out.''

The 58-year-old comic - who is in a relationship with author Jane Fallon - doesn't believe in life after death and regards existence as a ''holiday'' so we should make the most of the things we have.

He told OK! magazine: ''I've always thought about the big questions, even as a kid.

''I don't think there's an after life, but I'm not down about it.

''Life is like a holiday. We don't exist for billions of years and then we have a 400 trillion to one chance to exist and all these years where we can try everything and enjoy it all.

''And then we die and go back to not existing. That's amazing.

''And I don't fear being dead. You've got to make the most of life.''

Ricky has been overwhelmed with messages from fans who identified with his widower character Tony in 'After Life' and he's pleased the show has offered them comfort and support.

He said: ''The tweets still come, hundreds a day. ''People will tell me they lost their husband and it really helped them through. It's amazing.

''They'll come up to me and tell me their stories.

''It's personal to talk about grief and it's not the sort of thing you usually speak to a stranger about. You keep it in.

''But I think people watch the show and go, 'Alright, I'm not the only one.' ''