With their new movie taking global cinemas by storm, The Muppets have been out on the press trail chatting to journalists and keeping them laughing. When asked about the experience of shooting this action-comedy-musical sequel, Kermit says, "We had a lot of fun." But Miss Piggy takes it further: "We had exactly 2.7 times the fun. Drama, comedy, music, romance and lots of close-ups of me!"

Muppets Most WantedTina Fey and Kermit in 'The Muppets Most Wanted'

In the film, Kermit is kidnapped and sent to a Siberian gulag, swapped for look-alike evil frog Constantine. But Kermit doesn't see the resemblance at all. "I don't understand why people think all frogs look alike," he says. "We're both green but that's where the similarity ends. And Constantine isn't as bad as he seems."

"He's pretty bad," counters Miss Piggy. "It's pretty much typecasting."

"Yes, he has that annoying accent all the time," Kermit admits, "which is embarrassing when you go out to dinner after shooting."

Miss Piggy is already looking forward to future projects. "I'm constantly on the top of everyone's casting list," she says. "But it's too easy to cast moi in a role, so they usually go with the second choice."

She is however looking forward to the next Muppets movie. "We shot the last film in Los Angeles and this one in Merry Old England," she says ."Next time I would preferably like to shoot someplace where it's warm."

"Oh, I have the perfect place," Kermit pipes in. "How about the swamp where I come from? It's very warm!"

Miss Piggy doesn't seem amused.

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