The last outing for The Muppets on the big screen saw Amy Adams and Jason Segal lauded for their all-singing, all-dancing exploits. Most Wanted picks up directly from the 2011 musical, but has it managed to recapture the magic of its predecessor? The critics are unsure. Some reviews are lovely and doting; some border on insulting. So to give you a fair and balanced cross section of opinion on the new Muppets film, here are three examples of the good, the bad, and the not so good or bad.

The Muppets Most WantedRicky Gervais stars in Muppets Most Wanted

The good – Simon Brew writing for Den of Geek

"If ever a film was worth it for the opening number, then Muppets Most Wanted is it. A glorious Bret McKenzie song that's up to the standard of anything in the last film - from which this film picks up directly - it gets the movie going with a few minutes of concentrated in-jokes, madness and sheer brilliance. Arguably, the rest of the film never quite gets to that level again, but conversely, the bar is set so ridiculously high within minutes that it's hardly surprising."

The Bad – Robbie Collin writing for The Telegraph

“Muppets Most Wanted, starring Ricky Gervais, is a disappointing sequel which erodes much of the Muppets' magic,” says Robbie Collin. “Often while watching Muppets Most Wanted, I felt my own features squirming, entirely unbidden, into similar arrangements, as if my inner puppeteer were clenching a fist.”

The not good or bad, just ‘meh’ – Todd McCarthy writing for The Holllywood Reporter

"The liveliest thing about Muppets Most Wanted is the score. The songs are not uniformly great but they possess energy, some clever lyrics and an old-school, eager-to-please pizzazz that alleviate the mild tediousness of the arguments over criminal pecking order between Constantine and Dominic and the mildewed refrains of mutual love, respect and support among the perennially insecure Muppets."

The film has no score on Rotten Tomatoes yet, but we’ll stick out neck out and they it’ll get a solid 59%. On Metacritic – at the time of writing – it currently has 50%. Muppets Most Wanted hits American cinemas on March 21, and a week later in the U.K.

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