British funnyman Ricky Gervais has offered Eminem an alternative career if he tires of rapping - writing comedy television programmes.

The star and writer of GRAMMY AWARD-winning TV series The Office believes the STAN star is a "comic genius" and would love to co-write a witty show with the hip-hop hunk.

He explains, "Eminem's a comedy genius. How can he get that much humour and balls in a lyric. There's been nothing like him. His songs are genuinely brilliant, funny, erudite, articulate - he can be damning and still remain above it, and funny.

"There's charcacter, there's tongue-and-cheek and he just spits it. And the videos are little works of art as well. If he wants to co-write my next award-winning sitcom with me, it would be an honour."

30/11/2004 02:56