While David Brent and Andy Burrow’s musical union isn’t a joke in and of itself – the pair have known each other since Ricky Gervais met Burrow on Jonathon Ross in 2008 – there’s nothing more Brent than coupling with a member of Razorlight. Nothing.

David Brent

Burrows is alright though; he’s got a lovable face and plenty of auburn stubble. And he’s not Johnny Borrell. Combine those things and you’ve got yourself a pretty decent bloke all told. He’s now realising the dream of every 29-year-old man (he’s 34 himself) by playing live with Gervais’s Brent.

“Ricky has written nearly all the material himself but he wanted a helping hand with some specific tracks,” a source told The Mirror. "He and Andy first met in 2008 on the Jonathan Ross Show and they have stayed in touch ever since.”

Having sold out a few shows in London – and receiving some pretty warm reviews in the process – the pair are set to build on that success with a full UK tour, culminating in a massive Wembley Arena send off.

“Although Ricky’s performances are all slightly cringe-worthy, they are extremely tongue-in-cheek and actually, lyrically, very clever. Andy was keen to get involved in the new album as soon as the idea was put to him,” the source added.

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“There has been interest from a major record label and an album will hit shelves early next year, with Andy credited as the major songwriter. They are also currently in talks for a live arena tour, taking in venues of varying sizes.”

The Brent renaissance kicked off with Red Nose Day, whereby Brent and Doc Brown appeared in a special, which lead to a song for the charity called Equality Street. Gervais then hit YouTube with his guitar lessons, and now the live shows look to grab the attention of his fans.