Ten years after David Brent left The Office's Christmas party, the excruciating former boss of Wernham Hogg is back and doing what he does best, sort of. That's rep-ping and playing the acoustic guitar. Ricky Gervais is back as his most famous creation for a one-off special entitled 'The Office Revisited' for Comic Relief.

A short trailer for the new episode hit the web this week, showing Brent embarking on a side job career as a would-be music mogul while still milking his "cash cow" job as a sales rep to pay the bills. Brent sells cleaning products door-to-door though puts most of his efforts into a rapper called Dom Johnson. He's even written a "political reggae" song titled 'Equality Street' for his new signing.

After 'The Office' - widely considered one of the finest British comedies of all time - Gervais tempted A-list celebrities to appear as themselves in Extras, another comedy series that was generally well received by critics. His edgy turn as host of the Golden Globes on three occasions did little to harm his reputation, though his next television projects 'Life's Too Short' and 'Derek' came in for heavy criticism. 

With '...Revisited,' Gervais returns to safer ground on March 15, 2013, though reception to his latest few projects will be of concern. Though initially praised for cutting The Office short, perhaps the comedian should consider bringing back Brent for good. Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge web-series 'Mid-Morning Matters' was considered among the finest material of his career and a feature length movie is currently shooting in Norwich. Brent could learn a thing or two from North Norfolk's favourite son.