Veteran singer/songwriter Rickie Lee Jones is still hoping to receive a royalties payout from dance band The Orb, 22 years after they sampled her voice on their hit track Little Fluffy Clouds.

The Chuck E.'s In Love hitmaker launched legal action against the British group in 1990 after hearing their cult club track and realising it contained a recording of her talking about memories of her childhood in Arizona.

But 22 years on, Lee Jones is still waiting for a payment for the sample and insists her enjoyment of the song is "tainted" by the legal wrangle.

She tells Uncut magazine, "What did I think of The Orb sampling my voice on Little Fluffy Clouds? It was a new kind of music at the time, 1990, and I found it all a little bit confusing. But my enjoyment of it was soured by their refusal to give me any royalties.

"Whatever I might have wanted to like about that song is tainted by the bad behaviour of the band and their legal representation. They still have the chance to do the right thing. I'm not dead!"