Singer/songwriter Rickie Lee Jones regrets turning down Francis Ford Coppola's offer to pen tracks for One From The Heart because she's been shunned by movie-makers ever since.
The Chuck E.'s In Love hitmaker was approached by the legendary director to work on the soundtrack to his 1982 romantic drama, but she refused the offer as Coppola wanted her to team up with her ex-lover Tom Waits for the project.
And she's rued her decision ever since - it's the only chance she's ever had to work on a movie.
In an interview with Mojo magazine, Jones says, "I told Coppola I can't sit in a room with Tom Waits and write music; we've just broken up. And Coppola says,'I know, but that's what the film's about. The (characters) have just broken up too.'
"I refused, but that is one thing I now regret. It would've been a great career move, but I didn't want to use it as a way to be with him. Nobody's ever asked me to do a song in a film since."