Ricki Lake is in the "happiest place" in her life after remarrying following her ex-husband's death.

The 54-year-old star was married to Christian Evans from 2012 to 2015, and the jewellery designer - who suffered from bipolar disorder - took his own life in 2017, while she got engaged to Ross Burningham in February 2021 and tied the knot earlier this year.

Appearing on ITV's 'Good Morning Britain' on Wednesday (19.10.22), she said: "That relationship and that loss was definitely the darkest period of my life.

"But through it so many gifts have come out of it, I'm now remarried and now I'm very much in the happiest place in my life."

She admitted she didn't understand his illness initially, but she feels like she is a "better person" after going through such a difficult time.

She explained: "I didn't even know what bipolar was, when he first told me I didn't understand a manic episode or a psychotic break.

"It was the darkest time of my life. I have so much empathy for mental health - its made me a better person."

Ricki has a tattoo dedicated to her late ex which she took from his wedding vow, and it reads: "I vow to continue loving you".

She noted how the design was a way for her to carry a message from him while also giving herself some advice.

She added: "My beloved husband passed away from suicide and bipolar five and a half years ago, so this was his wedding vow to me that I found on the stationary after he died.

"It's not only a message from him but it's a message for me to continue loving myself."

In 2020, Ricki announced her engagement via social media, and hailed Ross as a "stellar human".

She said on Instagram at the time: "Friends, I’m so so so excited to share some good news!

"I’m engaged! [ring and heart emojis]

"I love him very much and I am so grateful I get to love and be loved so deeply by this stellar human. Our next chapter is sure to be a good one. #heartopen #lifeisbeautiful #ibelieveinlove #thisis52 #selflove #nofilter #justhappy [heart emoji] (sic)"