That Pawn Stars wedding is finally going ahead, folks.

Rick Harrison, 47 has confirmed that not only have he and Deanna Burditt set the date, but also, “she’s sticking me with all the planning.” The date’s been set for July 21 (that’s going to swing round quicker than you could imagine, Rick, so you’d better get on with all that planning that you’ve been lumbered with! Originally, the couple were hoping to hold the wedding in Las Vegas, but they’ve now opted for the Ritz Carlton at Southern California’s Laguna Beach.

Despite Rick’s initial assumption that organizing a wedding consisted of little more than “you got a cake, had a party, buy a keg,” he’s fast realizing that he’s got his work cut out if he wants to supply Deanna with the perfect wedding, he’s going to have to do just a little bit more work than laying a keg on for his buddies. “I just had no idea there was so much involved,” he admitted “But we’re getting it done.” The guest list, it seems, has already expanded from 40 to over 100, so he’s already getting some idea of how this wedding planning thing works. You make a wedding plan. You change your wedding plan. then you change it again. And again. Ad infinitum.

Danny Koker, of the History Channel’s Counting cars show is reportedly getting ordained just for them, so that he can marry them. Rick’s Pawn Stars co-star Chumlee is going to be the ring bearer. 

Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison and wife-to-be Deanna Burditt pose for pictures at the grand opening of Las Vegas' Andreas Restaurant