Review of DE9: Closer To The Edit Album by Richie Hawtin

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16. Richie Hawtin DE9: Closer To The Edit (Album - Novamute)
Having never been one to shy away from experimentation and change Richie Hawtin returns with a new album and an altogether new concept. Not being content to churn out a mix cd containing the standard fifteen to twenty tracks (I dont like mix CDs, everyones being lazy, so I gotta do something different) he decides to give himself an altogether much harder task.

DE9: Closer To The Edit sees him recording, sampling, cutting and splicing over 100 tracks down into their most basic components. Watch the track counter on your CD player and you will see it skip merrily and within a matter of seconds, from one track to the next.

After the extraction process he then went on to mess with and then cleverly glue each loop together with his magic sampler to make this 53 minute piece. As DE9 is a collage of so many different outtakes there are no lengthy build-ups, catchy hooklines or choruses to please the uninitiated. From start to finish this is simply a finely tuned selection of beats an hour long subversive slice of techno.

And does he pull it off? Well, for die-hard fans of Techno there is no question Hawtin is one of the best in his genre and knows how to please. Here he faultlessly fuses edits from the likes of Carl Craig, Baby Ford and Blue Train. But for virgin listeners DE9 could prove to be just that touch too obscure.