Folk rock icon Richard Thompson is considering a drastic image overhaul after spending years wearing a beret and Eastern European army gear onstage.
The bearded Brit has one of the most recognisable looks in all of music - because it hasn't changed for decades.
But he admits he envies peers who can conjure up visual ideas to complement their music.
He says, "I just don't think about it. I should probably think about it more and if I was smart I'd be reinventing myself every year like David Byrne, who thinks more visually about the way he stages things."
And he quips, "I'll have to talk to my costumer and my image consultants."
Asked to describe his look, Thompson tells WENN, "If (South American revolutionary) Che Guevara was a folk rock singer, what would he be wearing?
"I tend to wear Czechoslovakian ex-Army surplus because it's the best quality (clothing). But my supplies are running a bit low... I don't think Czechoslovakia has an army any more."
But the Beeswing singer/songwriter, who is currently celebrating the 40th anniversary of his debut album, admits his familiar image provides a great disguise - when he goes out without his trademark beret.
He adds, "I occasionally get stopped in the supermarket but not very often."