Review of Ground Trouble Jaw Album by Richard Swift

Album review for Richard Swift's new album 'Ground Trouble Jaw' released on his own record label.

Fascinating is one of many words to describe Richard Swift, and this new EP is just fascinating as the man himself and his previous work. Ground Trouble Jaw is a free ep and available from his website.

Richard Swift Ground Trouble Jaw Album

Trying to categorise Swift’s music into a genre doesn’t really work, his music often jumps about from style to style, here Swift is like a hyperactive Prince but without crossing the line of being annoying. His music always has soul, one of which would feel at home in a late 60’s 70’s glam band.

‘The Original Thought’ is one of the more funkier tracks on the album and it’s one that will be constantly spinning on repeat in your mind. There’s no reason why these tracks shouldn’t be played on the radio, they are instantly likeable with classic song writing. Something tells me, however many times you listen to Swift’s material, nothing will make you any clearer on what drives the man or what direction he will take next but you know it will be enjoyable.

Rating 9/10

Mike Rea

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