Fitness guru Richard Simmons has spoken out to assure fans he’s not being held as a hostage in his own home. The 67-year-old gave a phone interview on the ‘Today’ show Monday, after an article in the New York Daily News claimed his life was being controlled by his housekeeper, Teresa Reveles.

Richard SimmonsRichard Simmons has denied he’s being held as a hostage in his own home.

"No one is holding me in my house as a hostage,'' Simmons told ‘Today’ via the phone. "You know, I do what I want to do as I've always done so people should sort of just believe what I have to say because like I'm Richard Simmons!”

Speaking about the allegations made in the NYDN article Simmons said, “That's just very silly. Teresa Reveles has been with me for 30 years. It's almost like we're a married couple.”

Simmons added that he just wanted to be alone for a while after having problems with his knee. "I just sort of wanted to be a little bit of a loner for a little while,'' he said.

"You know, I had hurt my knee, and I had some problems with it, and then the other knee started giving me trouble because I've taught like thousands and thousands of classes, and you know right now I just want to sort of take care of me.”

"I just really don't want to do anything, you know. I just don't want to be traveling anymore. It certainly has taken its toll on me, so it was not like over a day, it was just over some time.”

Simmons added that his health was good and he he takes regular walks and drives in addition to working out in this home gym .

”For all the people that were worrying about me, I want to tell them that I love them with my whole heart and soul and that not to worry, Richard's fine,'' he said. "You haven't seen the last of me. I'll come back, and I'll come back strong."