Rocky Horror Picture Show creator Richard O’Brien is adapting the cult classic’s 1981 film sequel for a run on the London stage in 2015. Shock Treatment is set to come to King’s Head Theatre next spring and will include several of the original Rocky Horror characters

Richard O'BrienRichard O'Brien will rework Shock Treatment for the London stage

Speaking to the BBC the 72 year old said, "Shock Treatment has been waiting patiently in the wings for a stage premiere since the film was released in 1981.”

"Just as Rocky began life upstairs at the Royal Court, it seems a perfect fit for Shock Treatment to start its stage life in the effervescent atmosphere of the astounding King's Head Theatre,” O’Brien added.

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Released in 1981 Shock Treatment flopped at the box office and never actually went on general theatrical release. In 2006 it made it to DVD for the first time, opening it up to a whole new auidence.

While many of The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s biggest stars including Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick and Tim Curry did not return for the sequel, Shock Treatment featured a number of future stars including Rik Mayall and Ruby Wax.

The film picks up directly after the original with newlyweds Brad and Janet Majors finding themselves trapped in a bizarre television game show. The film goes on to eerily predict our viewing futures and the rise of reality television.

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Shock Treatment will run from April 17th until May 9th 2015 at the King's Head Theatre, following the 21st anniversary revival of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting.