Remember Crystal Maze? One of those couch critics who vowed they'd defeat the cryptic puzzles? Well, although we can't promise Richard O'Brien will be back - now's your chance to take part as the Maze comes live to London. 

Richard O'Brien
Richard O'Brien fronted the original Crystal Maze

The new immersive experiences was announced on the Crystal Maze site yesterday, declaring: "THE CRYSTAL MAZE IS COMING TO LONDON AND YOU CAN TAKE PART. WE REPEAT: YOU CAN BE IN IT. THIS IS NOT A DRILL."

The "fully interactive, live experience" will include all the famous "zones" though a new map layout has been revealed. Further details remain safely under wraps though more information will be revealed this Sunday.

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The Crystal Maze ran for six series in the nineties, hosted by its creator, the Rocky Horror Picture Show's O'Brien. Ed Tudor-Pole briefly led competitors through the maze for two further series. 

The gameshow tested contestants' physical, mental and mystery skills with the aim to collect crystals along the way. The more crystals, the more time in the final challenge: the Crystal Dome.

News of the Maze's return comes after it was revealed that Fun House would be returning for a one-off event on Saturday, complete with Pat Sharp and the twins. 

Since Crystal Maze, O'Brien has worked various roles including the Child Catcher in the West End production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He is also the voice of Lawrence Fletcher, the title characters' father in Phineas and Ferb.

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