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From Rocky Horror To Brokeback Mountain: 10 Lgbt Movies To See Before You Die

Hollywood is an important factor in helping the world to understand and accept the varied identities and relationships within the LGBT community. Whether they do it with comedy or shocking drama, it makes an impact...

Is 'The Crystal Maze' Set For A Special Return With David Tennant As Host?

Channel 4 is reportedly looking to bring back iconic gameshow ‘The Crystal Maze’ for a one-off special episode for their annual ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ comedy gala in October. The series was originally fronted by...

Laverne Cox To Bring Glamour To 'Rocky Horror' Re-boot

We've got to admit, we cringed when we first heard that a re-boot of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' was underway, but now we've seen who's the star, it might not be so bad after...

Laverne Cox To Play Frank-n-furter In New Tv Rocky Horror Project

The transgender actress will take on the role of the "sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania" in a new TV production of Richard O'brien's cult movie musical. Confirming the casting news via Twitter...

Richard O'brien To Return To 'The Rocky Horror Show' For First Time In 20 Years

‘The Rocky Horror Show’s creator Richard O’Brien is to return to the musical production for the first time in over 20 years. He’ll be playing the role of the narrator during a special West End...

The Crystal Maze Live In London - Do You Have What It Takes?

Remember Crystal Maze? One of those couch critics who vowed they'd defeat the cryptic puzzles? Well, although we can't promise Richard O'Brien will be back - now's your chance to take part as the Maze...

Is Fox Planning To Do The Time Warp With 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' Remake?

It looks like Rocky Horror Picture Show is headed to the small screen! Yes according to reports, Fox is said to be prepping a two hour remake of the cult classic musical, to celebrate its...

Richard O'brien To Give 'Shock Treatment' To The London Stage As 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' Sequel Is On The Way

Rocky Horror Picture Show creator Richard O’Brien is adapting the cult classic’s 1981 film sequel for a run on the London stage in 2015. Shock Treatment is set to come to King’s Head Theatre next...

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