Grand Tour TV presenter and self-confessed daredevil, Richard Hammond, has apologised to his wife and daughters after barely surviving another high-speed car crash. As one third of the Clarkson, May and Hammond trio, the 46-year-old was filming in Switzerland and lost control of a Rimac Concept One electric car while taking part in the famous Hemburg time-trial.

Richard Hammond and wife MindyRichard Hammond apologised to his wife, Mindy, for getting caught up in another car crash

As Hammond approached a tight bend he appeared to lose control and the vehicle - travelling at 220mph - careered off the road.

The Rimac swerved to the right during a hill climb in Lucerne - 30 miles south of Zurich.

May and Clarkson, who were waiting at the start line, described the sound of the crash as "like a bomb going off" and Clarkson described it as "the biggest crash I’ve ever seen".

Medics airlifted Hammond  to hospital where doctors discovered he had suffered a fractured knee but fortunately no other serious injuries.

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One of the first things the father of two did was phone his wife Mindy from his hospital bed to let her know he was OK.

Now, in his first public statement since the accident, Hammond told his fans: "I’m not dead."

In a video post, the injured Grand Tour presenter apologised to Mindy and his family for being involved in yet another high-speed crash.

In the footage, Hammond - still in his hospital bed in Switzerland - is visited by co-host James May, who holds up a book next to his friend titled The Idiot Brain.

He said: "Yes, it's true: I binned it. Again."

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He added: "Most importantly, sorry to my wife Mindy and my daughters Issy and Willow. I'm sorry for being such a colossal-"

Hammond - who has been involved in a number of dramatic, high-speed crashes while the presenter of BBC One show, Top Gear - is lucky to be alive after he escaped from the burning wreckage and desperately crawled from the flames on a broken leg.