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21st September 2014

Fact: DANNY DeVito raises a toast to his late co-star Richard Griffiths whenever he sips on his new favourite gin drink after naming the beverage R.G. He explains, "I did The Sunshine Boys in London with him and every night we would get totally loaded on gin and lime." The British actor died last year (13), at the age of 65.

23rd September 2008

Fact: British actor Richard Griffiths wears a gold ring he had specially-made to resemble the 2006 Tony Award he won for his role in THE HISTORY BOYS.

9th April 2008

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will make his Broadway debut in New York in September (08), starring alongside Richard Griffiths in the PETER SCHAFFER play Equus. The show will open on 25 September at the Broadhurst Theatre. Both actors won critical acclaim after a run in Equus on London's West End last year (07).

12th October 2005

Quote: <p>"It occurred to me that John Hurt is about the weight of my left leg. So if I were to jump on his back, there could be a brittle snapping sound then he might die." Heavyweight actor Richard Griffiths issues a warning to his current co-star on the London West End stage. </p>

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