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Daniel Radcliffe Delivers Tearful Farewell To Richard Griffiths

The Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe led a tearful farewell to his former co-star Richard Griffiths, who passed away last week. The Daily Express reports that the 23 year-old was sobbing as he paid tribute...

Richard Griffiths Is Laid To Rest

Daniel Radcliffe was one of 300 mourners to mourn Richard Griffiths at his funeral yesterday (09.04.13).The 'Harry Potter' actor wept for his co-star, who played his cruel uncle Vernon Dursley in the wizard franchise, as...

Stars Turn Out For Richard Griffiths' Funeral At Shakespeare Church

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Palin and Downton Abbey actress Penelope Wilton were among the celebrities who joined mourners at beloved actor Richard Griffiths' funeral in England on Tuesday (09Apr13).Playwright Alan Bennett also attended...

Respected Actor Richard Griffiths Passed Away This Week At The Age Of 65

Beloved film and stage actor Richard Griffiths died yesterday due to complications from heart surgery. With more than 100 film and stage roles under his belt, Griffiths was a true acting veteran. However, younger audiences...

Richard Griffiths Dies Aged 65

Actor Richard Griffiths, best known for portraying Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter films and Uncle Monty in Withnail and I, died today at the age of 65.The actor passed away from complications, following heart...

Daniel Radcliffe Leads Tributes To Richard Griffiths

Daniel Radcliffe has led the tributes to Richard Griffiths following his death on Thursday (28Mar13) by thanking his Harry Potter co-star for his "encouragement, tutelage and humour" during his career.The beloved British actor passed away...

Griffiths Stumps Fans After 80-Pound Weight Loss

Heavyweight HARRY POTTER star RICHARD GRIFFITHS has shed 80 pounds (36.29 kilograms) in preparation for his Broadway appearance in EQUUS. The Tony Award-winning actor once tipped the scales at 300 pounds (136.08 kilograms). But the...

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