The two co-stars were unrecognisable as vagrants begging for change and to test out their skills, they decided to see who could pick up the most cash.

Vereen tells WENN, "I was standing on the corner on Astor Place in New York and we started panhandling. I collected more than Richard! Richard got about $1.25 and I got $5.00. But I was in their face. I would say, 'Come on, give us a little money. My credit card maxed out!'

"People took real pity on me and they gave me some money. One lady was amazing. She almost broke my character. She said, 'I haven't got anything but I do have a sandwich, do you want it?' It was so sweet."

But the exercise worked because it helped both actors understand a little of what real panhandlers have to deal with.

Vereen adds, "People do care but the majority of people didn't want to look because they don't want to see. It's like leprosy. They're afraid if they touch it, they'll get it. It's a condition that we can do something about."