ITV drama ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ has been axed by after after just one series following hundreds of complaints from viewers. The show, which was created by Charlie Higson, premiered in October and immediately drew complaints thanks to its gory scenes.

Richard E Grant‘Jekyll And Hyde’ star Richard E. Grant.

The news was broken last night by Higson on twitter who wrote: ‘Sad day today as ITV announce they don’t want any more #JekyllandHyde It was a grand adventure while it lasted. We had some great stories lined up for series 2…Thanks for all the messages of support I’m moving on to other things.’

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A spokesperson for ITV told the Evening Standard: “'Jekyll and Hyde ‘is an ambitious series that we are proud of. While there are no plans for a second series, we would like to thank the production team and the writer Charlie Higson for delivering a series of great originality.”

The series first ran into controversy when it debuted on ITV in October in the pre-watershed time slot of 6:30pm. The premiere episode drew over 500 complaints, with many finding it was too violent and gory for teatime viewing.

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Less than a month later the series’ fourth episode was postponed in wake of the Paris terrorist attacks. The scheduled episode was said to feature a kidnap being pulled off with the use of a gun, according to the synopsis.