British actor Richard E Grant's estranged brother has branded the actor "fake" for failing to include him in his latest film - even though it is a semi-autobiographical account of their troubled childhood.

STUART ESTERHUYSEN, a tour guide in South Africa, is insulted his WITHNAIL + I sibling has airbrushed his existence out of his directorial debut WAH WAH, which details their family life in Swaziland including their mother's adultery and father's alcoholism.

He says, "I'm not going to keep quiet any more. I want to expose him as a fake and a poseur.

"Apart from the lies Richard has already told about his past, he's now done a movie that is another lie. If that's how his fans want him, then fine. But they must know that it's bulls**t.

"Richard's whole life has been a lie. He's not even a good actor. He's always playing himself. And he overacts just as he did when we were children.

"As far as I'm concerned, if you're trying to tell the story of your life you've got to include all the warts - even if I am one of them."