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Superman Director Richard Donner Blasts 'Cynical' Dark Comic Book Films

'Superman' director Richard Donner has become disillusioned with "cynical" comic book movies.The filmmaker - who was at the helm of the 1978 DC Comics blockbuster - has hit out at the trend of darker superhero...

Richard Donner Confirms He Is Directing Lethal Weapon 5

Richard Donner will direct 'Lethal Weapon 5'.It had been speculated that the 90-year-old filmmaker – who directed the first four movies in the buddy cop action-comedy franchise – would return for the fifth and final...

Mel Gibson: Lethal Weapon 5 Is 'Absolutely On The Way'

Mel Gibson has confirmed that 'Lethal Weapon 5' is "absolutely on the way".The 64-year-old actor informed fans that director Richard Donner is working on a new movie in the action franchise, which will see him...

Danny Glover Has Seen Script For Lethal Weapon 5

Danny Glover has seen a script for 'Lethal Weapon 5'.The 73-year-old actor is set to reprise his role as LA detective Roger Murtaugh alongside Mel Gibson's Martin Riggs in the upcoming movie, and has confirmed...

Steven Spielberg Confirms Talks For The Goonies Sequel

Steven Spielberg revealed there are ideas for a sequel to 'The Goonies' ''every couple of years''.The 73-year-old filmmaker - whose original story was the basis of the hit 1985 adventure comedy - admitted there is...

Sean Astin Is Sure ‘The Goonies 2’ Will Happen But Don’T Ask Him About The Details

Sean Astin has responded to speculation about the possibility of a sequel to The Goonies. For fans of the 1985 cult classic, it looks like a sequel will be made although Astin couldn’t speak to...

The Goonies Sequel Could Bring Back Villain, And Corey Feldman

The Goonies sequel could welcome back the opera-signing villain Jake Fratelli after the actor who played him, Robert Davi, said he was thrilled that Richard Donner is going to shoot the follow-up and wants to...

Corey Feldman Echoes Richard Donner: 'The Goonies' Sequel Is "Close" To Becoming A Reality

Director Richard Donner unofficially confirmed he was working on a sequel to the hit 1985 children's classic, The Goonies, on Saturday (5th April). Although rumors have circulated for years, he stated the project was being...

'The Goonies' Director, Richard Donner, Unofficially Confirms A Sequel Is In The Works

Director Richard Donner announced to an unsuspecting photographer that he is making a sequel to the hit 1985 children's adventure film, The Goonies.Richard Donner with his wife Lauren Shuler Donner at an AFI event honouring...

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Maisie Peters - John Hughes Movie Video

Maisie Peters - John Hughes Movie Video

Maisie Peters first release of 2021, 'John Hughes Movie', is as an inspired, individual and thought provoking concept that showcases the singers ever...

Wolf Alice - The Last Man On Earth Video

Wolf Alice - The Last Man On Earth Video

Wolf Alice make a long awaited return ahead of the release of their third album with a new single and video, 'The Last Man On Earth'.

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Tom Odell - numb Video

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