British actor-turned-director LORD Richard Attenborough basks in the attention he receives at movie awards ceremonies - because he's always mistaken for his brother outside the film industry. The 84-year-old Jurassic Park star is frequently accosted by members of the public who praise him for his TV nature documentaries - which are actually the work of his younger brother, Sir David Attenborough. However, Richard - who presented Sir Anthony Hopkins with a fellowship at Sunday's (10Feb08) BAFTA awards - admits he takes great delight in being praised for his sibling's prize-winning TV series. He says, "They (film awards events) are about the only place where one's peers and colleagues recognise me for who I am and not that other close relative, and where people don't come up and congratulate me on 'that series on lizards'. "I never correct anyone, however. I just say, 'Thank you very much,' and smile benignly. I still take a deal of pleasure in basking in David's limelight."