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Richard Ashcroft
Human Conditions Reviewed
Human Conditions

14th October

Hut Recordings

Any one under the age of 35 ought to have heard of Richard Ashcroft, his career has spanned 15 years from the creation of one of the most successful rock bands of the 90's up to present day.

Human Conditions, is Mr. Ashcroft's second solo album, and it is very obvious on hearing Human Conditions that Richard's solo song writing skills have developed since his solo debut 'Alone with everybody'. An 8 minute version of "Check the Meaning" brings the album to a start and is one of the strongest tracks on the whole album, this is followed with the Rock 'n' Roll Blues sound of "Buy it in Bottles", this track is very American sounding but also features the typical string section that is found underlying in many of the tracks on the album. Richard had some help on the recording of Nature Is the Law from Beach Boys' legend Brian Wilson who sung harmony vocals, I always felt the song was going to turn into Blur's Tender … (Come on come on get through it).

Alone with Everybody was an album the had a specific fan base, Human Conditions has the same ballad based format as many of the songs that featured on his previous album, Human Conditions may appeal to a wider audience, after the release of his first single "Check The Meaning" which revived the notion that Richard still might have a few good songs left in him yet!

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