Fan criticism is something anybody involved with a huge franchise such as 'Star Wars' has to deal with. No one is more aware of that now than 'The Last Jedi' director Rian Johnson, who won both equal praise and negativity upon the release of the eighth film in the episodic 'Star Wars' series. The movie still managed to rake in over $1.3 billion in the worldwide box office, however.

Rian Johnson is ploughing on with his new 'Star Wars' trilogyRian Johnson is ploughing on with his new 'Star Wars' trilogy

With such a divide came a lot of conversation, with much of it turning towards Johnson's continued influence within the 'Star Wars' world. Set to develop his very own trilogy of standalone films, it's clear the director has made a great impact on those behind-the-scenes. Exactly what we'll see from his new trilogy hasn't been revealed, but we do know it'll be taking place in a completely different corner of the galaxy. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy clearly has a lot of faith in the filmmaker.

Speaking with Fandango, Johnson was asked if his approach to his planned 'Star Wars' trilogy had changed following the split response to 'The Last Jedi', to which he replied: "No, not really. I feel like every Star Wars thing that ever gets made has a big, loud response because Star Wars fans are passionate and that’s what makes them awesome. But no, and I don’t think it’s possible—if you’re really telling a story you care about and having it come from your heart, it’s just not possible to be intellectually processing what everyone else wants. Nor would it be a good thing, a healthy thing. I don’t think that’s a good way to tell a story."

It's true that if any director took to heart the criticisms they got from fans, nothing would ever really get done. It would be fan service, but on a completely unattainable level. There's always going to be a vocal portion of big franchise fans that don't like something that's been done by a filmmaker, but those punches to the gut are just something that have to be tossed aside.

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We'll bring you more news surrounding Johnson's planned trilogy of new 'Star Wars' films as and when we get it.