Reverend and The Makers

Reverend and The Makers

Ok, so you may be up to your ears in bands coming out of Sheffield (Arctic Monkeys, Little Man Tate, Milburn, The Harrisons and Bromheads Jacket to name but a few), however don't let that stop you from allowing the latest band to look out for into your life.

The Reverend aka Jon McClure has been around for a while on the Sheffield music scene (formerly with 1984 and Judan Suki) but his latest incarnation is one that has the freshest sound yet. Now that his website (also see is functional with some songs available online, there is no excuse to not have a listen.

I first saw him supporting the Arctic Monkeys at their album launch in the Leadmill, Sheffield where he stole the show. With an early nineties Indie influence in both sound, and attitude he typifies all that is cool about being in a band and playing live music.

With upcoming shows in Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Stockton-on-Tees and Hull don't miss out. He is also rumoured to be supporting the Arctic Monkeys on their next jaunt round the country.

The show has almost everything you could imagine, guitars, brass section, drums, keyboards, male vocals, female vocals… need I go on?

A certain music publication has been running the odd article labelling him as the fifth member of the Arctic Monkeys. I however think this is an injustice as he is his own man, with his own sound and his own band.
Check out the songs and then check out the band live.

Reverend Tour Dates:

March 10th 2006 – Cabaret in Nottingham
March 11th 2006 – Faversham in Leeds
March 17th 2006 – Barfly in Liverpool
March 24th 2006 – Ku Bar in Stockton-on-Tees
March 25th 2006 – The Lamp in Hull

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