Review of More Album by Resin Dogs

Review of Resin Dogs album More

Resin Dogs More Album

Resin Dogs are back with 'More' released on Hydro Funk Records. These Australians have been representing their homeland for time and it shows with the host of quality artists on the album from the UK to America. You've got Haiku D'etat, Yungun and Abstact Rude all on here and if you're a hip hop fan you're taking good flow, good lyrics and smoothness. The music from Resin Dogs has that live musical feel and straight cool hip hop flavour that has to be respected.

'More' is pretty cool for sure. It reminds me of the Beastie Boys in the musical sense especially on hearing 'Smoking In The Darkness'. It's pretty slick, sophisticated and has great collaborations with smart emcees. It also has an underground feel that keeps that slightly eclectic feel. If you want to check out the down under take on hip hop this would be a good place to start. Not bad.

Tareck Ghoneim

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