Movie star Rene Russo provided comic Denis Leary with his biggest shock at his recent Hollywood roast - by wearing a penis.

THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR star startled the funnyman when she "performed a Basic Instinct on him" and uncrossed her legs during the show - only to flash a fake rubber penis.

Leary says, "Rene Russo is a friend of mine and they said she was coming to roast me, and Rene is sitting there talking. She's in a nice dress and she uncrosses her legs and she's got a c***.

"She had a giant rubber penis and it was attached with testicles by a make-up guy. Talk about shock and awe. We couldn't believe it."

Other celebrity friends who attended the roast - a celebration of a comedian's life, in which fellow stars mock him as he sits on stage - were Kiefer Sutherland and Liz Hurley.

07/08/2003 21:33