Review of My Conscience and I Album by Remi Nicole

Remi Nicole
My Conscience and I
Album Review

Remi Nicole My Conscience and I Album

Remi Nicole has enjoyed an incredibly successful year, with a fistful of major festival appearances, a summer-hit with 'Go Mr Sunshine' and now she releases her debut album.and about time too. Likened to Lily Allen and Kate Nash in her musical bearing but some people would say that doesn't do her justice.

'My Conscience and I' is a juicy album filled with bubbly lollipop pop sunshine steamers from the solo sensation. 'Go With The Flow' is a heavy-impact open to her debut album. Followed by 'Rock N Roll' a similarly forceful and energetic track, with a sugar sweet melody. 'New Old Days' is a racy track filled with passion and vigour. 'Fed Up', for contrast, is a lazy track, reminiscent of Norah Jones in style.

'Na Nighty' is an incredible vivacious stab at a hit. 'Lights Out' is a lovely lullaby exposing the more lyrical side to Remi. 'Go Mr Sunshine' is a pumping driving track, one of the highlights of Indie-rock's summer!

This is a dynamic album; atmospheric from cover to cover. A disk-fill of sunshine and summer warmth giving us a last remaining memoir of the year 2007 and what Remi Nicole contributed to.

Daniel Black

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