Review of Begin To Hope Album by Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor
Begin To Hope
Album Review

Regina Spektor Begin To Hope Album

Regina Spektor is the artist the adult contemporary genre was invented for. Intelligent and accessible while still containing enough depth to set her way above the likes of Katy Meula and Norah Jones.

"Begin to Hope" will be the latest of five albums from the Moscow born, New York based singer/songwriter/musician. Its twelve fresh and quirky tracks are more then enough to make it one of the musical highlights of 2006.

From the opening "Fidelity", Spektor catches you off guard with her combination of angelic vocals and daring, often bizarre lyrics. The unpredictability continues through the twisted tales of love and tainted snapshots of everyday life in "Samson" and "On the Radio" while the more upbeat and radio friendly "Hotel Song" could be the catalyst for some much deserved recognition from mainstream audiences.

It might not be classed as easy listening or make the perfect dinner party soundtrack, but if your looking for something that will make you sit up and think look no further then "Begin to Hope".

Sam Rawlings


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