Regina King thinks it’s a “myth” that all skin needs “the same things”.

The 50-year-old actress has dismissed the idea that all skin complexions require the same level of care and attention, as she said everyone’s skin is different and needs different products to help maintain a healthy glow.

She said: “I think it’s a myth that all skin complexions need the same things. I would compare it to hair type and how our needs are different there, depending on our textures … [and] the more these conversations happen, the more proper self-care is put on peoples’ radars.”

Regina also admitted she never used to care about her skin when she was younger, but now treats dermatology appointments with the same level of importance as a visit to her dentist.

She added: “I’m very much aware of the need to educate and to start a conversation that quite frankly isn’t much of a conversation.”

The ‘One Night in Miami…’ actress spilled some of the secrets behind her own skincare routine, and said “taking baths regularly” has done wonders for her complexion as well as for her mental health.

She said: “Taking baths regularly has been a really good thing for me. I am very into discovering different bath salts and Epsom salts … the whole process of setting up my bath has been very meditative for me too.

“Now sometimes I’ll only do it for 10 minutes, but that 10 minutes is like taking a car to a gas station. It’s how I refuel.”

Regina also reflected on the life lessons she’s learned so far, as she said she feels “confident” about where she is in her life.

Speaking to Vogue magazine, she explained: “I’ve learned that I still don’t have all the answers. But one thing I do feel confident about telling my younger self is, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, even if it doesn’t feel like it.”