Reese Witherspoon feels ''a responsibility'' to make ''impactful'' work.

The 'Little Fires Everywhere' star knows it is important for her to use her voice to speak out for women and share their stories.

She said: ''I'm definitely at that place in my life. I remember being a young actress and not knowing the kind of stories I wanted to tell. I was a little bit lost, but now I feel very, very clear about the deficit of storytelling for women - all women - and how we're making up for lost time. There's hundreds of years of lost stories, because we weren't the storytellers. I do feel a responsibility to make impactful work.''

And Reese felt lucky to work as a producer on the television series as she felt such a ''tremendous responsibility'' towards everyone.

She added: ''It was a big production with a big cast, so there was an enormous amount of responsibility. And that's why I felt very lucky to share it with Kerry Washington - there's a tremendous responsibility to the studio and to the network that you are spending your money responsibly, that you're on time and on budget. Those are things that we take very seriously and we spend a lot of time making decisions on pivoting on those decisions quickly when we have to.''

'Little Fires Everywhere' focuses on all aspects of motherhood, something which Reese was pleased to bring to the forefront of people's minds.

She told ''I think we just haven't had an opportunity. All our storytellers haven't been able to authentically speak about motherhood in the way female creators like myself and Kerry can.

''It opens up the opportunity to explore the nuance of motherhood in a way that makes it an exploration, rather than an assassination.''