New video footage of Reese Witherspoon, under arrest, has been released online, courtesy of Associated Press. If you’re a fan of silent movies, you’ll love this one. The footage, seemingly from CCTV and without any sound, shows Reese Witherspoon exiting a police car, as a policeman gently removes her handcuffs. As reality TV clips go, it’s a little lacking in drama, or substance, or, you know.. anything of interest, but just in case you didn’t believe the original stories about Reese getting herself handcuffed and arrested for disorderly conduct, well, here’s the blurry, distant footage that confirms that someone who, from a distance, definitely COULD be Reese Witherspoon, had a pair of handcuffs removed by a policeman, in a parking lot, somewhere. Not sure about you guys, but we’re kinda reeling from this one.

In case you weren’t already aware, Reese committed a terrible celebrity sin earlier this week and paid the price by getting herself arrested, in the process. What was this atrocious celebrity misdemeanour, I hear you ask… Reese pulled the ‘don’t you know who I am’ card, when the cops pulled her husband Jim Toth on suspicion of DUI. That’s right, folks. That old classic. She even warned the police that they’d be all over the national news if they didn’t leave poor hubby alone.

Turns out that the joke was on Reese, as it was her name that all over the news the next day and frankly, the press didn’t look too favourably on her arrogant antics. She did apologise, saying she had “nothing but respect for the police.” Just … not after she’s had a couple of drinks, we guess. 

Watch the footage of Reese getting un-cuffed