Review of Scheme Eugene Single by Red Light Company


Scheme Eugene single review from Red Light Company released through Lavolta Records.

London five-piece Red Light Company are one of those bands whose whole demeanour from the way they look to their radio-friendly yet strangely infectious sound evokes cries of 'Where do I know these from?' in sporadic unison up and down the land.

Not original in the slightest then, and yet by the same token there's something quite likeable about 'Scheme Eugene' as with previous singles 'Meccano' and 'With Lights Out' that makes their ambitious U2-orientated pomp rock seem addictive if inoffensive without straying into bland territories.

What's more, the subject of the song seemingly likes the Broken Social Scene, and how often can you say you've heard their name pop up in the chorus of a song that's been playlisted on national daytime radio? Exactly.


Dom Gourlay

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