Rebel Wilson's personal trainer has been inundated with work offers thanks to the star's dramatic transformation.

Jono Castano, the founder of Acero Training Series, has reportedly helped Rebel drop 18kgs and he revealed that other celebrities are taking notice and are now keen to work with him.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Jono explained: ''I've actually been lucky enough to work with a large pool of celebrities... I guess now, it's all word of mouth and it a lot of it comes through social media as well. But when I first started out it was me kind of reaching out and sliding into people's DMs and really trying to push to work with those type of people.

''And obviously results speak so much, when you get someone amazing results - you know, we talk about Rebel - a lot of people see that and they see the quality of work.

''When people train with me, it's about training and getting results, it's not there for me to be on my phone and muck around. People come to Acero to get results and that's what I love.''

Jono has worked with stars including The Veronicas, Laura Dundovic, Jessica Mauboy, Lincoln Lewis and Hugh Sheridan and he revealed he loves seeing his clients ''killing it'' in the gym.

He explained: ''They're all amazing people and they're all killing it in life and killing it in what they do, because obviously they're all hard workers. And I really vibe off that and I really love seeing that as well and I love getting that energy from them as well.''