Rebel Wilson "overhauled" her life in an effort to have kids.

The 42-year-old actress has revealed that she had her eggs frozen and underwent surgery in a bid to become a mother.

Rebel - who lost around 60 pounds in 2020 - shared: "I’d had my eggs frozen and done three surgeries for it, which is quite a lot.

"Then, I had found a donor and we made a plan for the embryos and I think, at that point, I had 18 good-quality eggs so you think there’s going to be some success there. But then each day, I got a new update from the lab about how it was going and it got down to seven eggs and they had no viable embryos."

Rebel recalled feeling devastated when her efforts proved to be unsuccessful.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "I had been through so much, lost all this weight and froze my eggs and overhauled my whole life to do this, and to not be able to create life in the way that I had hoped, it was really devastating.

"A lot of women face this when they go through IVF or similar journeys and it’s a difficult situation and you have to ask yourself if you keep going."

Earlier this year, Rebel announced that she had welcomed a baby girl via a surrogate.

The Hollywood star - who is in a relationship with designer Ramona Agruma - took to Instagram to announce the arrival of her first child.

In a heartfelt post, Rebel shared: "Beyond proud to announce the birth of my first child, Royce Lillian, born this past week via surrogate [heart emoji]

"I can't even describe the love I have for her, she's a beautiful miracle! I am forever grateful to everyone who has been involved, (you know who you are), this has been years in the making…but particularly wanted to thank my gorgeous surrogate who carried her and birthed her with such grace and care. Thank you for helping me start my own family, it's an amazing gift.The BEST gift!! (sic)"