Yeah so we all remember Rebecca Black's Friday. It was a dreadful delight of a song and its cringe-worthy video got nearly 60 million views on YouTube. It launched the career of Ark Music Factory Patrice Wilson, though Black was the victim of online trolling and bullying. Which was weird.

Anyway, riding the wave of success, Wilson and Ark are back with their latest effort to rack up the YouTube plays: the equally awful but slightly more offensive and potentially racist Chinese Food, by someone or something called Alison Gold. She doesn't look real.

Wilson has pretty much used the same structure as Friday though he's getting the reaction he wanted with almost 4.5 million views so far. 

The Chinese stereotypes begin with the man making noodles whilst speaking angrily to the camera. The noodles than produce a sparkly rainbow. Cool!

"I love fried rice (Yeah)/ I love noodles (Yeah)/ I love Chow Mein/ Chow Mo-Mo-Mo-Mo Mein," sings young Alison in the chorus.

The weirdness is turned up to eleven when Alison and her pals skip into a meadow with a giant panda, who takes off its head. It's Patrice Wilson! "Get me broccoli/While I play Monopoly," he sings. Classic lyrics.

The stereotyping and casual racism continues when Alison and her friends change into Kimonos (Kimonos are Japanese) and geisha make up (also Japanese). The stupid panda flies away on a rainbow and an Asian man bows while the message 'Fortune cookies are never wrong' pops up. 3 minutes and 27 seconds. The downfall of eastern and western ties. 

Watch Alison Gold's Chinese Food:

Oh, and just for fun, here's the best YouTube comments:

"Dear YouTube, I just wanna hug you. ....oh wait that'll make me hungry !"

"The internet is a pit of darkness, how far dare you tread? What say you?"


"It will only let me dislike this video once :("

"That was the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen in my entire life."