If you’re not watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, then this article probably isn’t for you. But if that’s the case, then you’re really missing out, because Real Housewives is kind of like the deep-fried Twinkie of television – you know it’s wrong, but you just can’t stop.

Kim Richards
Is Kim Richards okay? It doesn't look like it.

So, Kim Richards – the really loud, blonde one – has been arrested for disorderly conduct at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills.

What sort of disorderly conduct, you ask? Well, according to the gossip sleuths at TMZ, an inebriated Richards went on a “rampage”, after being asked by hotel staff to leave, and she even kicked a police officer, sent to get her out. Apparently the real housewife reacted to the hotel’s request by locking herself in a bathroom and refused to come out.

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This isn’t a first for the reality star – she has struggled with addiction in the past. Following the incident, Richards was taken to a nearby jail and has since been charged with the full set - trespass, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and being drunk in public. After being issued a citation, Richards was released, but this probably won’t be the end of her troubles.

Her sobriety was called into question on the recent "Real Housewives" reunion special -- when Lisa Rinna suggested that Kim was on something during a car ride earlier in the season. Kim admitted to taking a pain pill, but insisted she was clean of everything else.

Since the arrest, fans have rallied in Richards' support on Facebook, while the reality star herself defended her name in a Dr. Phil interview.