Razorlight have released previously unheard track 'Burn, Camden, Burn' from 2009.

Johnny Borrell and co penned the song ''during a turbulent period'' after their third album, 'Slipway Fires', and it's now being used in the Apple TV+ show, 'Trying', which is based in North London and ''follows the lives of a young couple trying to adopt while living in modern-day Camden''.

The series mostly features music by Elbow frontman Guy Garvey.

The comedy-drama's director, Jim O'Hanlon, wanted to use the track as he felt it was pertinent to the plot.

'Burn, Camden, Burn' may have ended up on their fourth album, which was scrapped.

Johnny has described the tune - which was co-produced by Edwyn Collins and Dan Grech-Marguerat - as ''a history of my life''.

He said: ''It was amazing to work with Edwyn.

''I'm really pleased that the track is finally coming out. It was an interesting period.

''For the lyrics, I was trying to write a history of my life through three verses, something like the view from the Dublin Castle. 19, 29 years old thinking about what had changed.''

It just so happens that the Camden music venue The Dublin Castle is one of the locations for the second episode of 'Trying'.

On his memories of playing there, he added: ''I learnt everything I know in the toilets of the Dublin Castle. ''Back then, if a stylist came up to you and told you that they liked your look, you told them to f**k off.

''Your image was yours. Nobody could even take a photo of it.

''Contrast with today's culture of sharing pictures of oneself, quite a change.''

The artwork features a striking punk-styled image of Johnny, which he curated himself.

Razorlight returned in 2018, with their first album in a decade, 'Olympus Sleeping'.

It featured four new singles; the title track, 'Got To Let The Good Times Back In To Your Life', 'Japanrock' and 'Sorry?'

'Burn, Camden, Burn' is out now and 'Trying' is available to stream on Apple TV+.