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Razorlight Razorlight Album

Some people don't like Razorlight because of the apparent 'ego' of Johnny Borrell, some people don't like Razorlight because of Johnny Borrell's apparent fall out with Pete Doherty and some people don't like Razorlight because of the music from their first album 'Up All Night'. But hey we can't all like a band can we? Or can we? From the second effort by Razorlight maybe we can..

Second albums are not often easy, with the pressure to produce an album as good as the debut, produce it in super fast time to please the record bosses and trying to make it sound at least in some way different to your debut.

With this album Borrell and co have managed all of these things and more. The opening track and debut single 'In The Morning' has all the punch pop to make it appealing to the masses and as usual JB writes another great sing-a-long chorus.
To ensure it isn't a case of catchy first single to generate album sales this is followed by a variety of excellent tracks. The reworked 'Kirby's House' (down tempo version of the song from 'Help: A Day In The Life' album) is just as good as the original, 'Back To The Start' is a perfectly weighted song with a fabulous tempo that builds up to an excellent finish and the very mellow, laid back sound of the fantastic 'America' make for a superb follow up album.

Despite the apparent difference in sound from their first outing, this is a plus point as it is a unique sound that fits various moods and situations. The perfect 'all rounder' of an album and one that is difficult to put down.

If you still dislike Borrell, even with his recent positive PR please try have a quick listen to his second album. It may mellow your feelings towards him, and if not you can always doodle devil horns on the pictures of him on the sleeve.

I'm not one for ratings but for those of you who like that sort of thing.. I would give this a high 8 out of 10!

Dom Chalk