Review of Wire To Wire Single by Razorlight

Single review of Wire To Wire by Razorlight.

Razorlight Wire To Wire Single

Honestly since their second album has anyone actually missed Razorlight? They entertained the world with a tremendous debut album 'Up All Night' and then let everyone down with a mediocre self titled second album.

Johnny Borrell is a born entertainer but seems to of gone off big time. 'Wire To Wire' is the new Single to come from these guys who really now have a point to prove. The question is, is 'Wire To Wire' the track to re launch Johnny Borrell and co back?

There is no doubting Borrell's vocal talent, but come on what is going on with this Ballad rubbish? It's not Razorlight. 'Golden Touch', 'Up All Night' and 'Rip It Up' is the simple definition that is Razorlight. 'Wire To Wire' is awful it's slow and lifeless; this is more like Bluntlight rather than Razorlight.


Mark Moore

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