Movie star Ray Liotta has discovered the best way for Hollywood's leading men to lose weight - sign up for a film that requires you to take your shirt off or make love naked. The Goodfellas star admits he has always worked out for roles that require him to flash his torso. And when he learned he'd get the chance to bed sexy Jolene Blalock in his new film Slow Burn, Liotta really took care of his physique. He says, "I was working out and taking care of myself in a good way. I said, 'I gotta take my shirt off on this, I really gotta lose weight.' "I'll tell you, that's the best way to lose, the best diet that you have is to take your shirt off in a movie." But Liotta insists his work-outs were worth it because he loves the love scenes in the film. He adds, "We get a little spirited at times, which is nice. It's one of the first movies I've done in a while where I didn't have to choke the girl to get her to kiss me."