It's disappointment for Grand Theft Auto 5 fans as it's been revealed Hollywood star Ray Liotta will not voicing the latest game. The trailer appeared on the internet yesterday (November 2nd 2011) with the game's leading character providing a voiceover as to why he moved to a city that seems strongly modelled on Los Angeles.

Fans were excited when they noticed a character that bore a resemblance to Tommy Vercetti, main protagonist in the 2002 game 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City', and voiced by Liotta. However the 56 year-old actor's representatives told IGN that it was not their man speaking over the advert, casting doubt as to whether the character in the fifth instalment is in fact Vercetti with a re-cast voiceover, or someone else entirely.

The Grand Theft Auto series of games are among the most successful and controversial in gaming history, allowing players to run amok in built up urban areas, usually in the role of a gangster. A sandbox game, meaning the player can create their own scenarios, it's long caused controversy for the ease at which players can break the law and kill civilians. That said, the series has now spawned 10 games since its release in 1997, with actors such as Samuel L Jackson, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper and Gary Busey all providing voiceovers in the past; in total the series has sold over 124 million units worldwide.