Ray J would be "devastated" if Princess Love started a new relationship.

The 'One Wish' hitmaker split from his wife - with whom he has children Melody, six, and four-year-old Epik - in February for the fourth time but he still cares for her a lot and vowed he will never "be in love with somebody else".

Speaking on the 'Club Shay Shay' podcast, he said: “When you love someone, I think you love one time in each life cycle...

"There's one person you love, and I love that person, and that’s Princess.”

The 43-year-old singer admitted he would be "devastated, of course" if his estranged wife moved on but accepted he would "just have to deal" with it if Princess "loves again or finds somebody else".

He added: “Just because the person I love goes out to experience life — I mean, everybody deserves that.

“You only get one life. When we're both 75, you know, God willing, or 80 or 85, and we're sitting at the table, and she asks me, ‘Did you live it up?’ And I'm like, ‘S***. Yeah, I did.’ When I ask her, I want her to say the same [thing]...

“A man realising that a woman is moving on or don't wanna f *** with him no more is a mind f***. And so, for me, I had to get over that and then understand that everything should be equal.”

Ray is unsure what sparked the latest divorce filing but the pair are "spending a lot of time with the kids" and he is “making sure she’s involved with everything [he is] doing” when it comes to the TV shows he produces.

And asked if there is a chance for them to ever get back together, he insisted: “It always is… even if it's final with papers.

“That doesn't stop us from loving each other or understanding and learning each other as we go because we're still co-parenting.

“We both love our kids, and we both love being around each other, with the kids and without the kids. It's just sometimes, time apart heals all. And I think when you get older, you kinda realise that.

“I want her to know that I'm never going anywhere, and she knows that.

“And so together, through these phases, I just wanna make sure that we're good and the kids know that we're still a solid unit together. That's very important.”

Ray insisted he isn't interested in other women.

He stressed: "I'm never dating again."